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Akron Electric Explosion Proof Enclosures!


As an enhanced service to our customers we have implemented an Accelerated Shipping Program with OVER 25 different sizes that are available in a very short period of time compared to industry standards. This program includes our AXJ Junction Boxes, CXJ Control Stations (ADDED SIZES ABOVE), XJATS/XJATG, XJCTS/XJCTG Screw Cover Enclosures, CXI Internal Flange Control Stations, Pilot Devices, Seal Fittings, Conduit Bodies, & Conduit Unions.

Akron explosion proof buttonsAkron Electric explosion proof enclosuresAkron explosion proof enclosures

Please contact Tech Controls for Price and availability
on the entire line of Akron Electric Brand Products or 678-205-0594

Akron Electric manufactures a complete line of aluminum Explosion-Proof Enclosures that include:

 AXJ Series - External Flange
AXJ-FCS Series - External Flange Flat Cover
EXI Series - Internal Flange
AXI Series - Internal Flange
XJATS Series - Solid Screw Top
XJATG Series - Glass Screw Top Metering Enclosure
XJATD Series - Domed Screw Top
AXC Series - Conduit Outlet Boxes
GR Series - Conduit Outlet Bodies
TU Series - Conduit Unions

CXJ Series - External Flange
CXJ-FCS Series - External Flange Flat Cover
CXI Series - Internal Flange
CXI Series - Pendant Stations
XJIH Series - Instrument Housing
XJIHD Series - Dual-Sided Instrument Housing
XJCTS Series - Solid Screw Top
XJCTG Series - Glass Screw Top
XJCTD Series - Domed Screw Top
EYS Series - Sealing Fittings

XCB Series - Circuit Breaker
XND Series - Non-Fused Disconnect
XFD Series - Fused Disconnect
CXJ-FC - Lighting & Power Distribution
XNAS/XRAS - Across the Line Motor Starters
XNTC/XNMC -Non-Reversing Magnetic Combo Starters
XRTC/XRMC - Reversing Magnetic Combo Starters
Explosion-Proof Pilot Devices and Mini Operators
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Explosion-Proof Panel Boardsakron electric inc, explosion-proof panel boards Explosion-Proof Motor Controlakron electric inc, explosion-proof motor control XP Pilot Device Seriesakron electric inc, explosion-proof xp pilot device series Explosion-Proof Fittingsakron electric inc, explosion-proof fittings