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Allied Moulded Enclosure Products

Allied Moulded Products, Inc.  is the Contractor’s Choice of nonmetallic electrical boxes and enclosures in today's residential, commercial and industrial markets. Leveraging more than half-a-century of experience, Allied Moulded has grown to become the benchmark of quality within the electrical industry. We leverage our distinct and proven expertise in molding fiberglass-reinforced materials to manufacture a robust collection of innovative, high-strength products, delivered on time, with exceptional service and at a competitive price.

Allied Moulded

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on the entire line of Allied Moulded Brand Products or 678-205-0594

6x6/8x10 AMP    Allied Moulded enclosures

12x10/16x18 AMPAllied Moulded enclosures 6x6/9x4 Fiberglass Allied Moulded enclosures 10x8/14x12 FiberglassAllied Moulded enclosures
16x14/20x16 FiberglassAllied Moulded enclosures 24x20/30x24 FiberglassAllied Moulded enclosures 6x6/18x16 Fiberglass PBAllied Moulded enclosures 36x30/72x49 FiberglassAllied Moulded enclosures