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Durakool Mercury Relays, Contactors, and Tilt Switches

Durakool Mercury Relays, Contactors and Tilt Switches provide silent reliable switching because of the unique properties of mercury as a contact material. Virtually immune to breakage, corrosion or wear, the contacts are enclosed in hermetically sealed steel containers. Durakool Mercury Relays, Contactors and Tilt Switches operate in a wide range of temperatures under low or high pressures in dust or vapor filled atmospheres. They produce no external sparks and are unaffected by line noise or voltage spikes. Durakool Mercury Relays, Contactors and Tilt Switches are the ideal solution where frequent switching would degrade mechanical devices.

Durakool Mercury Contactors

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AFM220-301 2-Pole 20 amp 24v coil
AFM220-303 2-Pole 20 amp 120v coil
AFM220-304 2-Pole 20 amp 208v coil
AFM220-305 2-Pole 20 amp 240v coil

3030APS24AC 3-Pole 24v coil
3030APS120AC 3-Pole 30 amp 120v coil
3030APS208ACDV 3-Pole 30 amp 208-240v coil
3030APS480AC 3-Pole 30 amp 480v coil

3060APS24AC 3-Pole 60 amp 24v coil
3060APS120AC 3-Pole 60 amp 120v coil
3060APS240AC 3-Pole 60 amp 240v coil
3060APS480AC 3-Pole 60 amp 480v coil

CFC-717 1-Pole 100 amp 24v coil
CFC-718 1-Pole 100 amp 120v coil
CFC-720 1-Pole 100 amp 240v coil

CFC3-707 3-Pole 100 amp 24v coil
CFC3-708 3-Pole 100 amp 120v coil
CFC3-710 3-Pole 100 amp 240v coil

DFC-301 1-Pole 150 amp 120v coil
DFC-303 1-Pole 150 amp 240v coil

DFC3-301 3-Pole 150 amp 120v coil
DFC3-303 3-Pole 150 amp 240v coil