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MDI Mercury Relays, Contactors, Tilt & Float Switches

At MDI (Mercury Displacement Industries) we manufacture Mercury Contactors, Relays, Tilt Switches, Solid State Relays and Timers. We also manufacture Liquid Level Control Float Switches in Wide and Narrow angle mechanical or mercury type. A wide variety of High Temperature float switches, Twin & Vertical Float switches, and cord sets available. We supply OEM's, Plumbing Supply companies, Contractors, Municipal Sewage Treatment plants, and Control Panel Specialists.

Please contact Tech Controls for Price and availability
on the entire line of MDI Brand Products or 678-205-0594


Single Pole Two Pole Three Pole Amps Coil Voltage
 35NO-6D 235NO-6D 335NO-6D-18 35 6VDC
35NO-12D 235NO-12D 335NO-12D-18 35 12VDC
35NO-24D 235NO-24D 335NO-24D-18 35 24VDC
35NO-48D 235NO48D 335NO-48D-18 35 48VDC
35NO-125D 235NO-125D 335NO-125D-18 35 125VDC
35NO-24A 235NO-24A 335NO-24A-18 35 24VAC
35NO-120A 235NO-120A 335NO-120A-18 35 120VAC
35NO-208A 235NO-208A 335NO-208A-18 35 208VAC
35NO-220A 235NO-220A 335NO-220A-18 35 220VAC